Feel The Magic with Magic Wand Massager

A magic wand massager might appear as a regular massager for your sore back and neck but there is more to it under that innocuous bulbous head. In fact, a magic wand massager can assure you more intense stimulation compared to most of the other adult toys around. The massager forayed into the mainstream healthcare market as a regular massager for sore body in the 70s. But smart women were soon to it find its other savory off-label uses which made the massager a bright symbol of sex-positive feminism movement of that era.

From the 70s to the 21st century, the magic wand massager has come a long way and its popularity, especially as a sex toy, has only grown over time. Unlike the women of yesteryears, modern divas today don’t shy away from using the massager for their big O game. And the rising popularity of magic wand massager has encouraged the contemporary adult toy industry to come up with its own delicious versions of the massager toy.

What’s so great about magic wand massager?

You might be curious to know what’s so special about magic wand massager. Well, reasons are galore to fall in love with this massager toy.

To start with, a magic wand massager can reward you will really powerful orgasm which can be stronger that what’s possible with most other sex toys around. Its large bulbous head sports a big surface area which enables it to stimulate your clit to the T. Talk about euphoric screaming orgasms and you have magic wand massager for you.

Then, a magic wand massager allows you to reach orgasm real fast- way faster than other sex toys around. Can you imagine reaching orgasm within 30 seconds with regular sex toys like anal plugs or dildos? All these toys are no doubt great but they take their time. But, a wand massager doesn’t test your patience and rewards you with mind-blowing orgasms in just seconds. A major reason behind its speedy function is its highly intense stimulation capacity. A magic wand massager is your no-nonsense sex toy that does its job at its finest best without making you wait for long.

Another great part about the magic wand massager is that it assures a super-clean and convenient job. Unlike other sex toys, it doesn’t need you to insert it inside. This way, you are relieved from the trials and pain of penetrating a foreign object inside your body and all the mess that you have to bear when it is taken out. With toys like dildos or anal plugs, half of the time is wasted in getting the toy penetrated properly. But, you don’t have such hassles with a magic wand massager. It’s not meant to go inside and you can use it right away to stimulate your sweet spot like a boss.

Besides, the discreet appearance of the toy also works pretty good in favor of the users. The toy doesn’t sport any kind of explicit phallic reference that eliminates risks of embarrassing exposures. Even if you ever forget to hide it in your drawer ever, no one will question you. Now, your sex life and pleasure fantasies are not accountable to anybody. Also, you are not supposed to face or answer questions regarding your intimate moments. But some people are too curious and their unsavory remarks or queries are too irritating. Its better you deliberately take measures to prevent such questions in your life. Thanks to its discreet look, a magic wand massager will save you from risks of any such questions.

Ideas to use magic wand massager

For a passionate foreplay

You can include a magic wand massager happily in your foreplay routine for a more fulfilling penetrative sex with your partner. It has been repeated time and again that women usually struggle to achieve orgasm with penetrative sex alone. But, you can cope up with the problem here with an invigorating foreplay. As mentioned previously, a magic wand rewards users with extremely intense stimulation. So, when you will include the massager in your foreplay routine, you will conveniently take the game a notch higher. These wand massagers that you can find at https://lovegasm.co will give you divine orgasms that will change your life forever.

Threesome with anal sex

No, we are not talking about the traditional threesome among three humans. Rather, it’s about you, your partner and your magic wand massager. The game is all about enjoying anal sex with your partner while having the wand to stimulate you vaginally. You will bend down in doggy-position with the massager in hand. Try to perform the act near an electric outlet. Most of these massagers run on electric. So, if you perform your adventure near an electric outlet, it will be easier to perform it.

As you get into doggy position, ask your partner to penetrate you from the backdoor. Once he is inside you, take the massager to your clit and switch it on to indulge in two-way stimulation.

BDSM games with magic wand massager

Magic wand massager could be an excellent prop for BDSM sessions. One of the most important concepts of BDSM is to denial of orgasm for the sub. And this is where a magic wand massager would be a perfect prop.

Let’s assume you are the dom and your partner is the sub. So, undress your sub and tie up her  hands and legs. Stretch the legs wide before tying. Then, switch on the massager and bring it near her clit to drive her crazy with intense stimulation. Then, as she is about to reach orgasm, remove the toy. Repeat the game 4-5 times till your sub reaches to the point of literally begging you to get her the wand. Then, you can take the toy to her to shower her with bouts of super powerful orgasm.

Final words

It would be better if you can wrap condom around the massager head before using it. You will also have to apply lube on the toy and you will apply it around the condom. Then, it’s mandatory to clean the massager before and after every use. Just wipe the head with a damp clean towel (soaked in soapy water) and you are done. Finally, dry it up and then store it in a clean pouch in a cool and dry place.