Sex terms you might not have heard about yet

Ever wondered what certain sex terms meant, but you were too shy to ask? We have compiled a list of steamy buzz words for you so that you don’t have to ask your friends awkward questions. Some of the terms stand for certain kinks, and others are parts of sex play.


Whether you are looking for something new to spice up your sex life or you simply feel curious, read our list to broaden your horizons.

Snowballing — Share the Fun

This popular term represents the practice in which a man ejaculates in their partner’s mouth. The receiving person doesn’t spit or swallow the semen, but they preserve it in their mouth. Afterward, they share the semen through spitting or kissing with their partner, or in case of group sex, with other participants.


Snowballing is a fairly common practice among straight and gay couples as well as in group sex that involves at least one guy. It can be a simple act of curiosity for a guy to taste his own sperm or a way for the blow-job partner to practice dominance. However, for passionate lovers, it’s a special way to spread love.

Pearl Necklace — Special Gift for Your Loved One

Giving trinkets and tokens of love to your partner is a healthy part of many relationships. Maybe your sign of appreciation could be blowing jizz all over her sexy breasts. When a man ejaculates across their partner’s tits, neck, and even shoulders, this gets the title of a pearl necklace.


The name comes from the similarity between a lady wearing this type of jewelry and the pearly white effect of your semen across her bust. This action can be performed as the endgame of penetrative sex, oral sex, or simply by masturbating onto your partner. It can be a sign of affection, dominance, and devotion.

Dirty Sanchez — Brown Bush

Imagine a thick dark mustache on the face of Mexican Zapatistas, and now, swap the facial hair with fecal matter, and you’re close to figuring out what “Dirty Sanchez” means. This sexual fashion statement usually happens when a guy fingers their partner anally. In case there’s fecal matter when he pulls out his finger, he then wipes it off over the upper lip.


Now, mind you — real connoisseurs would insist that a thick fecal mustache is called Dirty Sanchez only when a finger is involved. If a guy has anal sex and then smears feces with his penis, this maneuver is called Dirty Rodriguez.

Creampie — True Delicacy

Ah yes, what do recipe sites and porn searches have in common? Creampies! This sexy treat occurs when a guy doesn’t wear a condom before his climax during sex. He ejaculates inside a vagina or asshole but close to the entrance. Then, he can marvel at the scene as the sperm oozes out of his partner, creating a creamy treat.


It goes without saying this little move isn’t safe sex. So be sure to practice it with a partner that you can trust. Furthermore, be sure they have no problems with it. Enjoy creampies responsibly.

Daisy Chain — The More, the Merrier

This innocent-sounding sex play can only be executed during group sex. Basically, sex partners create a chain in which they pleasure each other. A starting participant does oral to their partner; then the pleasured partner performs oral sex on another participant, and so on and so forth. The last one being pleasured should circle back to the starting person and give special attention to their genitalia as well.


In daisy chains, no one is left out, and the more people there are, the bigger the chain is. Depending on who sucks off or eats whom, this sexual kink can be straight, lesbian, or gay, or all of the above.

ATM — Don’t Ask for It in Banks

With this one, it’s all about where you’re inserting your credit card, and by credit card, we mean penis. This term describes a situation when a guy has anal sex and pulls it out of the ass and puts it into his partner’s mouth: Ass to Mouth — ATM.


Whether you’re doing it as a form of power play, you need to get it a bit harder, or you want to mix it up, there’s one thing to remember. The bacteria inside the anal cavity can create health problems if it ends up in the mouth. So, either practice safe sex or use anti-bacterial mouth wash after the session.

Bukkake — Big in Japan

There are so many sex trends circulating the globe that have originated in Japan. Hentai and tentacle porn are the obvious ones, but we have the Japanese to thank for the invention of bukkake. This is a sex kink during which several men ejaculate onto a single female. These events can range from a few participants to a festival-size number of people.

The Japanese bukkake came to light during the ’80s, and at first, it meant men ejaculated onto a single woman, and it was more toned down. As it spread across the world, it evolved into many different genres. It became more lively and got its gay variants and female versions in which women squirt onto men.

Prince Albert — His Royal Highness of Piercings

This term isn’t necessarily a kink, but it does impact intercourse greatly. When a guy has a series of piercings starting from his dick head and going down his urethra, that’s Prince Albert. The intricacy of the procedure and jewelry involved may vary. Some men additionally ornate their penis with rings protruding from their shaft and scrotum.


The practice of penis piercing is widespread across different cultures, but this specific one popped up in the west during the ’70s. This bodily accessory got its name after Prince Albert, the husband of Queen Victoria. Whether it was an urban legend or the monarch actually wore this piercing, we will never know.

Queef — Breath of Spring Air

As the old adage goes: Women fart too. However, having an extra hole on their bodies gives them a unique ability to pass gas from their vagina as well. A queef is a term for the vagina letting out a farting sound. This usually happens during penetrative sex when a pussy lets out a toot resembling flatulence.


We hope that we have enlightened you and that you have enriched your collection of sex ideas. It’s up to you whether you’ll use these words in cocktail conversations with your friends, broaden your porn search, or spice up your sex life with them.