The Difference Between Anal Play and Anal Sex

Everyone has heard of anal sex, but many confuse it with anal play. The truth is, there are a couple of differences between these two terms. Here, you will learn everything you need to know about both of these sexual practices.

Anal Sex vs. Anal Play

For anyone wondering if there is a difference between anal sex and anal play, the answer is yes. Anal sex, for one, involves penetration. So, whether there is a penis or some sex toy involved, there has to be penetration.

Anal play, on the other hand, doesn’t have to be penetrative. If you stimulate the area around the anus, it is still anal play. A widespread practice that doesn’t involve penetration is rimming. Basically, you will have a combination of anal and oral play. That is, one person will orally stimulate the area around their partner’s anus.

That means that anal sex is just one specific type of anal play. The latter is a broader category that involves a variety of different things. Many people around the globe enjoy anal stimulation — it isn’t tied to one gender or sexual orientation.

Caress Your Anus

The anus is full of nerve endings, and many enjoy stimulating it. Whether you are playing with your partner or by yourself, you can use your fingers to caress the whole area. Exploring anal is a great way to understand your body better and to try something new. Who knows, it might become your favorite activity.

As we previously mentioned, playing with your anus and rectum doesn’t have to involve penetration. If you are scared of pain or that you might not like it, caressing the area is a safe way to experiment. That way, you will easily notice why so many people are into it, without any potential “side effects.”

However, if you are planning to explore butt play in-depth, using lots of lube is the best choice. Furthermore, the anus doesn’t self-lubricate, and being too rough can cause micro-cuts on (and inside) your butt.

Involve Other Erogenous Zones

One of the ways you can spice things up and make everything more comfortable involves stimulating other erogenous zones. Engaging in anal doesn’t mean that you should play with someone’s butt only. Furthermore, touching other areas will help you relax and enjoy different types of sensations at the same time.

Many people love using anal toys while masturbating, or even playing with fingers only. That way, you can add an extra pleasure that will undoubtedly push you over the edge.

Of course, if you are playing with your partner, you can experiment a bit together. You probably heard stories about surprise fingers up the butt during oral sex. For some, this might seem scary; for others, it is a dream come true. Needless to say, surprises are a rather bad idea in the bedroom. You should discuss it with your partner before trying anything on your own.

Anal Play Does Not Need Huge Toys

People who never had experience with any type of anal play are usually scared of trying it. The reason for that is that they see people shoving huge toys in their butt. That doesn’t seem possible or pleasurable! But in reality, the toy doesn’t have to be huge for you to enjoy. The reason why people can take a nine-inch dildo up their butt is because of anal training.

Usually, you will start with fingers only and then find the smallest possible toy. From there on, you can go up in size if you feel like it. Many use butt plugs as an anal preparation, and these are among the most popular anal toys for training your butt. Unlike dildos, plugs have a flared base that prevents the toy from fully entering the anus. That way, you can wear it even when you are outside.

Anal Play Can Lead to Anal Sex

Since there are so many anal lovers out there, anal play often leads to sex. Using butt plugs, for example, is a way to prepare for anal. Anal play and training, in general, are an excellent way to learn how to relax and prepare your body for the real deal. Both men and women will need to get their anuses ready if they want to enjoy anal fully.

Furthermore, arousal plays a vital role in anal as well. That is why many couples use anal play as a form of foreplay.

Of course, this is just one of the possible scenarios. It is still possible to enjoy anal play without sex. But the other way around would be challenging, and it is not something we would recommend.

Anal Orgasm Is Real

Finally, let’s talk about forbidden orgasms. Some people think it’s crazy, while others believe it’s a myth. Unfortunately, both of them are wrong. Firstly, many women enjoy anal because it allows the penis (or the toy) to provide indirect stimulation for the G-spot through the inner wall of the anus.

On the other hand, males enjoy anal since it can stimulate the prostate at the same time. This body part is also known as P-spot or male G-spot. So many males love anal orgasms, and prostate stimulation is unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

That is also the main reason why butt plugs are so popular. Having a constant pressure on the prostate can be incredible and pleasurable. Finally, butt plugs for women are probably a bit more popular, but more males are adding them to their regular sex lives.

While both males and females are either loving or hating anal, it doesn’t change the fact that anal orgasms are very much real.