Why all men must experience prostate orgasm

In case you didn’t know, men also have that one sweet spot, just like the famous G-spot for girls, that leads to otherworldly orgasms. Guys are raving about prostate play these days. In the following text, we’ll discuss why you should experiment with it too.

But first, what is prostate orgasm?

The prostate is a gland that produces the seminal fluid that carries and protects sperm. It helps men shoot their load when they reach orgasm. The P-spot, as some call it, has numerous surrounding nerve endings. This means that playing around with it can cause a man to feel great sensations, just like women do when they reach their G-spot.

However, a prostate orgasm isn’t just about reaching it yourself. You can have a lot of fun if someone does it for you. Playing with your anus while stimulating your prostate can be a major turn-on. Namely, some straight couples enjoy pegging. This act refers to females penetrating men anally with strap-on dildos, massaging their prostate, and helping them come.

How to find your P-spot

The logical question to ask is how you can find your prostate. Luckily, this isn’t something too complicated, and everyone can do it. In short, a man’s P-spot is located two or three inches down their rectal canal. It sits between the rectum and the penis, making anal penetration perfect for stimulating it.

If you want to find it, you can go through the back doors. You can either use your fingers or a sex toy like a dildo or an anal plug to reach it. On the other hand, stimulating the prostate can work without butt sex. You can rub and press your perineum, which is the “no man’s land” between the anus and the genitals.

Unique experience

Prostate climaxes feel unlike anything else. They’re unique, and you can’t compare them to penile orgasms. Nevertheless, you can differentiate sexual pleasure from it depending on whether you stimulate your prostate from the inside or the outside.

  • Outside stimulation: Massaging your perineum will make you feel like you want to urinate. But don’t worry — that’s how it should feel. You should aim for the fleshy part of your “no man’s land,” nearer the anus.
  • Inside stimulation: If you go for anal play to reach a prostate orgasm, you will feel a fat bulb of tissue on the front side of the rectal wall. It’s easy to tell it apart from other areas of the canal as it’s much fleshier.

Healthy and fun?

The best thing about this deed is that there are several health benefits of prostate orgasms and massages. Medical case studies suggest that playing with your P-spot can help you with conditions like erectile dysfunction, painful ejaculation, chronic prostatitis, and benign prostatic hyperplasia.

  • When it comes to erectile dysfunction, many urologists will suggest treatments that involve massaging your prostate. Alongside medication and penis pumps, it can help you overcome not being able to get your penis hard.
  • Some men have problems with painful ejaculation. This is due to fluid blockages in their reproductive system, but prostate play can help relieve the pain.
  • If you suffer from an inflamed prostate, doctors may suggest combining massages with antibiotics as a treatment for prostatitis.
  • With age, many men have problems with enlarged prostates. This condition is called benign prostatic hyperplasia, and it’s commonly treated with the use of a prostate massager.

Aside from having positive effects on your health, prostate play is also fun. Reversing gender roles and allowing your female partner to penetrate you or manually stimulate your anus can change the way you look at sex. It will lead to unforgettable orgasms and moans of passion unlike you’ve ever experienced before.

Better sensation

Some people refer to this act as prostate milking. The reason they call it that is the fact that massaging your prostate will result in a milky fluid coming out the tip of your penis. Yet, this isn’t sperm. This is a fluid that carries it and protects it when it reaches its final destination.

To make prostate play more fun, men stroke their penis while milking their P-spot. Jerking off will allow for a more intense experience and will also cut short the time needed to reach a prostate orgasm. The overall result is far superior to your run-of-the-mill salami spanking, and we suggest you try it.

Extra-long play time

Another thing that separates prostate orgasms from regular ones is the fact that you can do it more frequently. Once you ejaculate through penile stimulation, you’ll need more time to get things up and running again.

However, if you milk your prostate, you can repeat the deed almost instantly and enjoy more than one orgasm in a relatively short period. The only thing you’ll have to deal with is slight discomfort the first time you try it.

Safety advice

Before you try this with or without your partner, it’s key to make yourself comfortable and relaxed. Also, you should pay attention to hygiene. The thing is, poop comes out of your rear door, so take a long shower or use an enema. Either way, you should make sure you urinate before stimulating your prostate for obvious reasons.

We always suggest that you practice with sex toys like butt plugs or anal beads. Just don’t forget lube as your rectum is much tighter than you’d expect. Lastly, if you like the whole kink, purchase a prostate massager at lovegasm.co/collections/massagers-prostate. These toys are specially designed for prostate play and with them, you’ll have the best possible experience.