Why I Created this Site

While it is acknowledged that everything affects our sexual health in some way, Skylite Snowballs(skylitesnowballs.com) website is modeled onto something that concentrates on factors that have a direct impact and focus on the sexual health of couples from ordinary porn videos to kinky BDSM ones.  This is not intended to be a comprehensive business entity. If you know of something that might help our cause please send us some videos or you may contact us here.

Our purpose is to:

·        make it easy for viewers to find pornography to satisfy their sexual needs

·        In addition, to link the public to snowballing videos which form part of the sexual routines of some.

·        create a community of people who are into these kinds of activities and empower them

·        enable people to submit their videos which are in line with the theme of this site.

Social Environments:

Recreation/Leisure:  Programs, Information, Public space, Hobbies, crafts, activities,

Health care:  privately funded video services

Social services:  not-for-profit organizations

Volunteering:  opportunities to volunteer in submitting videos to share to others


Disclaimer:  The Site’s owner can not be held responsible for the accuracy of the videos nor the quality of the services provided. We encourage you make every effort to check the videos whether or not it suits you need and provide us some feedback. Submitted videos will be put in a moderation queue for review by the Administrator.